We built Rockbox
to be better.

A better creative product. 
A better experience for clients.
A better place to work. 

Nothing’s perfect.
But better is better.



We built Rockbox
to be better.

A better creative product. 
A better experience for clients.
A better place to work. 

Nothing’s perfect.
But better is better.


One of the hardest, yet most important things to do in a creative business, is dispense with the bullshit. Yes, we must converse in trendy metaspeak. And articulate the vision. But what we need most, in the end, is real talk.

When we’re honest with clients, and with each other, life gets simpler. The more trust we earn, the more freedom we get, the sharper we think, the quicker we move, the better the results. 

Somewhere in a parallel universe, there are 10 billable people in a room and nobody’s really sure who does what. That's not us. We do things. And for the record, we geek out on what we do. 

Below is a list of hard-earned skills that we employ every day on our clients' behalf:




Ready, fire, aim.

Contemplating a video content plan can be overwhelming. So we strive to simplify. The only poor plan, for certain, is inertia. Because, as our friends at Google can most certainly confirm, right now, this very second, your potential customers are searching for brand content that isn’t there.

In the spirit of putting one foot in front of the other, we like to start with this question:

In the next 90 days, what would it be stupid NOT to do?

There is certainly much more to discuss (for instance, the Google / YouTube Hero + Hub + Help model) and every client is case by case. But we'd be happy to talk video content strategy with you anytime. 




Viewers are A.D.D. And they’re A.D.D.

Viewers need constant visual stimulation and reassurance. Constant. For instance, we know on a social platform like Facebook, viewers make a decision to watch, or not, in the first :03 seconds. And that same viewer fickleness must be catered to for the entire length of your video. Viewers will bail at :10, at :30, at 1:00 and so on. UNLESS we constantly reward them for their time.

Now, can we do that in a way that accomplishes your objectives within budget? That’s the mark we’re aiming for.




Anything's possible. No, really.

We are not a hammer looking for a nail. Because of our depth of experience and capabilities, we come to you with ideas based on what's right for the job, not for our shop. We are truly (trendy metaspeak alert) approach agnostic. To get a better sense for the things we can do, please keep scrolling and/or check out our work.




Shiny objects only work if they shine.

For Rockbox, motion graphics is a strategy, especially as we consider engaging in a conversation with an audience who may, or may not, have sound enabled. Motion graphics, including type-as-design, takes a sense of timing, a sense of style and often a sense of humor. In the mobile era, it takes a lot of skill to make your point.

Tim Kail, who holds a fine arts degree in illustration, leads the Motion Design discipline at Rockbox. And he is still hands on in every way.




Werd. Up.

Lazy word choices in the mobile era lose people fast. Smart, sharp words keep them around. Great writing is another weapon we can use to create video content people want to watch (and listen to). Often the balancing act is conveying your marketing message while talking the way people actually speak.





If we make something delicious, maybe they'll bite.

There is no set recipe for video content in the new era. But when you partner with Rockbox, you have many tools at your disposal. We are a full-service in-house production company with deep and broad experience that includes:

  • Directing
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • HD Workflows
  • Color/Compositing
  • Motion Tracking
  • 2D Animation/Motion Graphics
  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Time-Lapse Photography
  • Stop Motion
  • 3D Stereoscopic Workflows
  • 360 Degree Video
  • Rotoscoping
  • Augmented Reality
  • Projection Mapping
  • High-Speed Film/Digital Experience
  • Green/Blue Screen Shooting/Compositing




The best ideas start with a sketch.

When we create custom illustration/animation for your brand, it becomes a visual point of difference, a style and story all your own. It takes artistry, but also an innate sense of timing, emphasis, and the ability to move forms and words in space to tell your story in the right way.




It's what we show. And what we don't.

Sacrifice makes great editing. To create a compelling piece, our editors must make great choices. Rockbox editors work to create tension, humor, revelation, surprise - the same forces that have held human beings’ attention since the beginning of time.





Our ears tell our eyes
how to feel.

Rockbox works closely with composers and music houses to deliver custom tracks for projects where we know it’s money well spent. We also know our way around the ever-expanding stock music libraries, which is always an option. For us, music is never an afterthought. And sound design is another layer we use to our advantage. 



If you’ve read all the way to here, maybe you’d like to talk to us? Have a great rest of your day. That’s what we’re doing here in KC.