Adam Buritsch

Adam Buritsch is a design-centric animator who, on a good day, spends it drawing.  He's a proud owner of a BFA in animation from The Kansas City Art Institute, as well as an avid guerrilla photographer, using the same camera he's had since college, and the lenses his dad used in the 70s. Sometimes those images end up in animated collage experiments in his personal work.

For Adam, animation is more than just pictures. It's history, one that reaches across language barriers, with the ability to take us all to new places.  Letting his professional work inspire his personal work has been important in his career. If he's not working or animating, he's doing something from this list:

hiking, camping, sketching, pretending he knows how to cook, pretending he knows how to play the accordion, discovering new music to love, listening to old music he loves and isn’t sick of yet, wasting time on the art side of tumblr, satisfying an immediate creative urge inspired by tumblr, reading creative non-fiction, finding and watching weird animations, trying really hard not to kill his plants, enjoying a good beer or an even better whiskey, thinking about space and how cool it is, or hanging out with his beautiful, incredibly forgiving wife.