Tim Kail

Prior to Rockbox, Tim helped lead the Motion Design/Effects Group at Barkley through 2010, when he founded his own video and motion graphics company, Rhymes With Style. Past clients include Cannondale, Sonic, LG, Red Bull and Sprint, as well as a few music videos.

In the increasingly hairy world of video production, Tim isn’t just a Swiss Army Knife, he’s a Swiss Army Knife with a Laser Beam. And a Cigar Cutter. And a Spork. From 6k in HD, to 3D in 4D, to VR in 360, to playing DP, he's bound to have a creative solution.

After hours, Tim has been know to play mandolin, fly drones, design t-shirts, have dance battles with his sons Max and Bennett, while somehow finding time to be an incredibly good guy to his wife, Rachel.